Friday, 12 June 2009

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Design Idea

For the florist website i design a few ideas, both of the ideas were simple limited text and information just to get the idea, i used vector images which i was considering animating to make the vector plant look like they were growing. however she as not got back to use as a group so we all have it in our mind that shes just not bothered about the site no more as she was on about closing the shop in one of the email. the fact that she has just not bothered to get in touch seems a bit lazy and rude if the website was not needed then she should reply to our emails to state that she does not wish for the site else we are just wasting time. however the experiance has proved that some clients can be picky and this was a learning curve that some clients can be hard to please. i produce a gallery for the website that will come in useful for another site or gallery. it simple but looks effective when you click a image it breaks apart the reforms another image. the design for the gallery was good and effective it involes the audience and gets them to interact.