Friday, 12 June 2009

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Clothing Website.

When I first heard that we were designing a website for a company called Retrospect my first thoughts were this is just free labour. I understood that it could help us in the long run as it’s a real client however I just thought that if every college did this what happens to the advertising agencies out their, so I asked myself is this effecting advertising agencies? I feel that it is affecting them because were doing this for free, if the college said no then they would have had to get a

 company that does websites to design one. But with us doing

 the website were taking their work from them and making then lose money. The reason I feel that it’s a problem is the fact that hopefully in the future I will have a job in design however I see that free designs would block that as more people will be using college students to get work from.

The owners of the business Retrospect came into talk to us. I though this was good as we could really find out exactly what they want from us. They didn’t really speak to us as much as they did to our tutor but we found out what they wanted from us, which were:

·          Website designs.

·          Black and yellow colour.

·          They told us that their company was a clothing company so they wanted something like a normal clothing website.

·          Some sort of payment method.

I think that we should have contacted them back after the meeting thanking them for coming down and also clarifying what they told us in the meeting. This would have ensured that we had full understanding of the brief and also given them the chance to change any decisions that they made. I started researching different styles of websites and then started work on designing ideas. They didn’t contact us back and the project got left. I feel that we should of finished the work anyway.

This was my design idea: