Friday, 12 June 2009

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V Involved Staffordshire.

For the design I was asked to design a opening for a documentary. I don’t really know much about the documentary or any background on the V involved Staffordshire. All I knew about it was the target age which was teenagers I was given a few images that I needed to use and was told in must say V Involved Staffordshire. To be honest I didn’t enjoy this project that I was asked to do. I was asked to do this opening by a group of media students that were involved in the filming of the documentary. I was give a few hours to do the animation, which really wasn’t much time to do the work, but I gave it my best shot. I started cutting around the image that I was given and saved them as a png file.

I set up the background with the time I had to finish the work I knew that I would be pushed to finish. I created some music to go with the animation, I created the music in Garage Band. I started with the first V image bouncing to the music and coming forward to the screen.

It then pans across and another V image follows.

I had this idea of having different thing happening for each image.

For the paint image I decide for the image to come across from the left then go down and as this happened paint spatters would appear. I didn’t plan out what I was going to do I just did it as I went along. This really isn’t the best way of working but because of time I thought this would be easier.

Another V image comes down and it looks like a book so I create this effect of words falling into the book.

I then rendered it of and gave it to the students. They loved the work however the person they did the documentary had a few comment about it like it not having the V Involved logo, which she failed to give me. I felt really annoyed with the fact that I was told about it and I agreed to do the work then it took then ages to give me the information, which was not much really just a few images. Then the person who they were doing the documentary for, then commented on the fact that the logo wasn’t used when it was her fault for not given it to anyone. The fact is if they asked me sooner I would have had more time to design and get more information, however I am very pleased with the finished produce.

I realise the Staffordshire is spelt wrong and is a brilliant example of why you should proof read everything but sometimes time is not on your side. I have corrected this and will be uploading the correct file as some point.