Monday, 26 April 2010

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This was something of a test to see the process behind making a game for the iphone with something I have been working on. This was to understand the development behind the coding and development of a game for something I feel is the way technology and design/advertising I moving towards. I had no experience of making an app for the iphone. I did some research on iphone games development and a software called game salad was pointed out which I decided to give it ago. I found the software easy to use once you get over the first shock of coding and then it becomes a matter of research and common knowledge. I produced a working game in game salad despite the glitches the software seems to have were as it starts to crash a lot with the more information you program in. To publish the game to work on the internet and also not forgetting the main thing, the iphone you have to pay to publish the piece. This is something I like to defiantly look at sometime in the future.

After looking for a very long time at game salad (longer than I expected) I moved on to looking at the official developing software by apple which was xcode which is yet new coding called SDK. With this developing software it was much more advanced as it was split into three different types of software. I research and research and research and barley understood however I did start to get to grips with the software and the coding and managed to produce a loading screen and menu.

This is the loading screen. I did spend a bit too much time on learning the basics probably more time than I wanted to. My understanding of the software has grown so now I know the process behind the making of iphone apps so I managed to accomplish what I set out to do.