Friday, 12 June 2009

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Harris Brush Front Cover.

This is a finished catalogue front cover that I designed. I was approached by a advertise agency called Admen, they asked me to design light streaks to look like dusk particles. I felt that this would be an easy brief and was looking forward to it. I had lots of ideas coming to mind.  I knew that this would be best designed in After Effects. I knew that if I did the lights streaks and particles in After Effects and then could be finished in Photoshop. This work wasn’t a project handed by the tutors however I was told that I could put it forward. I though this was good as it means that I would get more marks and also good experience of working with a client. The main thing that what going though my mind was the fact that I have to make it look good as the piece was for a big DIY company and for advertising agency that was treating me as if I was a freelancer. They gave me a ruff design that they did of what they had in mind. The first design I did didn’t really look like what they give to me as their idea, so I redesigned it. It took longer but I wasn’t happy with what I did it was very basic and I just knew I could do better. It took a few hours to design.