Friday, 12 June 2009

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Hewlett Packard D&AD project.

For the D&AD project we had free range on the piece of work. It could be a poster, website, animation anything you want as long as it has the Hewlett Packard logo on it. My first idea was to design a poster however I then decided to do an animation.

Because all I had was some images of the logo I decided to get a camera and go and take some photos of Hewlett Packard products like computers and printers. This is the opening for the animation I created.

As you can see I’ve gone for yet another light streak effect, however this one is made up from lots of different particles and a lens flare. I tried this effect out before and really liked the effect and thought that it would look good added to this design.

As you can see the light streak follows the edge of the computer, then fly’s off screen and fades out I feel that this effect looks good and eye catching.

Then after that the logo appears and the same effects fly’s around the logo. I enjoyed doing this project and feel the end out come is really effective. I would of like to have entered the D&AD competition however sadly couldn’t due to payment.