Tuesday, 20 October 2009

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theses are the Higher range packaging for Harris that i designed for fine, medium and coarse.For my profession brief I was asked to help out at and advertising agency were I would be working on a live brief for one of their main clients Harris paintbrushes. I had no idea what would be asked of me before I started my works experience there. For all I knew and to be honest all I thought I would be doing was pasting images into picture boxes or pasting text into text boxes. On the first day I was given the brief from Harris and just told to get stuck into the brief and had no further instructions other than the deadline which I got to the end of the week to produce the finishing pieces to be sent to Harris. My first thought was great a real brief second was hang on this is their biggest client what if I get this wrong, they were trusting me to deliver based on the fact that I have done few pieces for the agency before which they were happy with. I read the brief a few times picking out the key features to focus on, Harris wanted designs for their new abrasive packaging that was a separate category to the usual sub-branding. They gave me some ideas they thought of like textured background this was something I kept in mind, however the brief gave me free will. I had to focus on the different tier a low tier like glasspaper and sanding blocks and a higher such as Aluminium Oxide like the wet and dry paper. So my job was to do a bit of research from shops and the internet however due to deadline I decided this needed to be as much as I can get in as little time as possible. Once I got my research I made a start on designs, I started noting things down then started work in the design package Freehand I did several designs over two days. I printed out the designs and focused on the ones that stood out as the most pleasing, with that I focused on progressing the designs.

This is a final design of one on the pieces. One thing I looked at during the design process is the audience. Based on my research I realised that most decorating tools such as abrasives look like they are mainly aimed for men and seem to be dated. So with that in mind I wanted to find away to steer away from the dated look aimed for men and create something modern and aimed for women as well as.

So my main thing to look at was to think of colours that can appeal to both male and female. So I wanted to go with modern colours that are not harsh to look at but also stand out. Also I was still thinking about this textured background and ways to show what the product does. So I went with the different images showing the strengths of the abrasives. After the designs were finished I sent them to Harris for the approval and the feedback was better than I imagined they decided to go with the designs and how they thought that the colours worked well. The advertising agency were really please I did so well and were glad that I understood they were busy themselves with work and didn’t have to step in at all with my work.